How to build a decentralized App Development?

Published on 20 July, 2019

D-App Development Company

With vast experience in blockchain development, Crypto App Factory has gained a master level expertise in developing decentralized applications that can scale millions of transactions in a second. Our proficient DApp developers are adept to develop scalable and flexible decentralized Applications that could run on any blockchain layer including Ethereum. We give special care on creating EOS based DApps, as this blockchain protocol started to rage with a wide range of usage on DApp development.

What are D-Apps?

DApps (Decentralized applications) run on a peer-to-peer network of computers instead of a single computer. They are similar to a conventional web application in a way that its front end uses the same technology to represent the page. But the backend uses smart contracts to connect to the blockchain network instead of an API connecting to the database.

D-Apps Development Services: 

(i)Custom DApp development

Build a simplified, unique and reliable decentralized application to handle your business functionalities and operations under a decentralized peer to peer network.

(ii)Smart Contract Development

Our smart contract development service comprises of writing, testing and deploying contracts on multiple platforms like Ethereum, Neo and others. We help you choose the right platform that meets your business requirements.

(iii)Decentralized Storage

To control, monitor and store transaction on a peer to peer networks of DApps, it must require separate decentralized cloud storage. We find it allocate it for your DApp.

(iv)User Interface

When it comes to designing the UI of your DApp, we adopt the most structured process starting from the ideation, wireframe design and low-high fidelity design with interactive prototypes.

Benefits of DApps

DApps are the next generation of digitized applications with no central authority. DApps brings a lot of benefits to both the end users and the business owner. These kinds of DApps eliminates the issuance of entire authority to a single node, and distribute the power to each entity in the entire network. This is why DApps are considered to be more user-friendly.

DApps are,

  Open Source

  Give importance to consensus mechanisms

  Incentivized or gives referral credits to end users

  Multilayer security and immutability

  Trustworthy and Transparent to the nodes in the decentralized network

  Faster transactions & Fewer transaction fees

  Keeps data on decentralized storage

  Prevents Hacks

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