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Sodeca -span Industrial Fans & Blowers-Essence Automation Engineers India Pvt Ltd
Sodeca -span Industrial Fans & Blowers

Sodeca -span Industrial Fans & Blowers

We are an exclusive sales partner and specialist for various world’s renowned brands in India, such as SPG -Korea, Oriental Motor -Japan, KEB -Germany make Motion Control Systems as well as Karl Klein -Germany and Sodeca -Spain makes Ventilation Systems, etc. Since we offer a wide range of industrial automation solutions product line-up of Stepper Motors, AC Constant Speed and Speed Control Motors, Brushless DC Motors, Linear and Rotary Actuators, and a full line of Industrial Fans, Ventilation Systems, in-line fans for ducts and Extractors for the removal of smoke in case of fire. We have a wide range of products with unique futures and characteristics i.e. External rotor fans, In-line fans, Extractors, low-pressure radial fans, medium-pressure radial fans, mobile fans, hybrid-fans, axial fans and stainless steel, explosion-proof, special varnishing, high temperatures, etc.


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